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Anti-Static Solution for Blurred Screen and Dead Screen

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Capacitance screens, resistive screens, and display screens are becoming the necessary accessories for hardware engineers with the development of intelligent hardware devices. Thanks to the adoption of such screens, it is convenient for consumers to touch and control, enabling them to see the background information of their machines.

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There is a range of products that contain a screen, such as home and kitchen appliances, intelligent locks, traffic recorders, medical equipment, factory floor control terminals, tablet computers, etc. You have probably encountered a scenario where the screen of your device is blurred or dead. Some of these problems can be resolved by restarting the machine; and some of the machines fail to get a 3C certificate due to blurred screen and dead screen during testing.

Blurred screen and dead screen are caused by integrated electromagnetic compatibility, also known as EMC. We are going to analyze how anti-static ESD works. Technically speaking, each screen comes with a baseband, which keeps the screen working by its integrated IC. Such ICs’ performance can be negatively affected by the static electricity that comes in from the ground of the shell, or from anywhere on the PCBA board. Since the rated working voltage of the IC is 3V, its frequency is relatively speedy.

Following are some of the most common difficulties that our consumers experience:

1.The screen of a home appliance is often dead under 20kV air static. But it appears to perform well after restarting. After in-depth analysis by LEIDITECH’s engineer, it was found that plenty of ESD electrical units are incorporated inside the home appliance. By testing the electrical properties of the ESD electrical units, it is clear that the voltage of the appliances is not properly set and its capacitance is way too high. Finally, this ESD static problem is solved by using an ESDA3.3CW-4 component.

2.One of our consumers is developing a factory floor control unit with a SD03C capacitor, which is extremely high-performing. This consumer puts a lot of effort into loading capacitance components into designs, but they don’t work well. As a result, LEIDITECH’s engineer recommends he replace 4 LC03CI’s with only one ESDA3.3CW-4, saving the trouble of making changes to the whole electrical circuit.

3.One of the consumers is developing a traffic recorder, but its screen dies under the electrostatic pulse on the shell. The test level is higher because it is designed for a car. It needs a general improvement of the whole EMC.

Internal construction of ESDA3.3CW-4:

Internal construction of ESDA3.3CW-4.png

It is a four-route two-way product, offering anti-static protection that prevents the static from coming to the landline under electrostatic pulse on the shell. It is a highly valuable choice of product that provides for impressive outcome.

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