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How an Electronic Components Marketplace Can Benefit You

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he digital revolution has changed the way the electronics supply chain conducts business. E-commerce gives distributors and manufacturers a dynamic, new avenue to find customers and grow their business. For example, over 750 manufacturers list inventory on the world's largest electronic components marketplace, Verical.com.

Electronic Components Marketplace

Buyers, too, have embraced such online marketplaces. Engineers like the ease and speed of e-commerce for design and prototype orders. Millennials — the next wave of procurement professionals — are more comfortable with online ordering than any preceding generation.

The digital market, however, has provided a venue for bad players to set up storefronts and traffic in damaged, counterfeit, or falsely marked electronic parts. As a result the authorized supply chain — made up of original component manufacturers and their franchised distributors — have stepped up their game to minimize that risk.

Are you thinking of buying or selling electronic components through e-commerce? Here are some factors to consider:

Infographic: How an Electronic Components Marketplace Can Benefit You


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