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M5 Cable Assemblies

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  Tensility’s high-performance materials expand the range of applications for small profile M5 cables

  Image of Tensility International Corp's M5 Cable AssembliesTensility’s M5 cable assemblies with biocompatible TPU wire are IP67 waterproof rated. The cables are available in 3- and 4-pin configurations in plug, socket, and stripped and tinned variations. The overmold for the cables in this series is also TPU, making these cables abrasion and chemical resistant. All connectors in this series are gold-plated and are available stand-alone in cable mount and panel mount styles. The M5 cable is ideal for automation, sensor applications, and wet environments due to their secure thread locking key and IP67 rating. They are equally ideal for wearable applications dues to the slim profile and biocompatible wire.

M5 Cable Assemblies.jpg


  Secure thread locking

  3- and 4-pin configurations

  IP67 waterproof rating

  Biocompatible wire

  Gold-plated contacts

  Abrasion and chemical resistant

  Small profile




  Wearable applications

  Industrial machining

  LED signs or display screens

  Wet environments


  Security and sensors


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