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ICZOOM is Rewarded ‘2018 Outstanding E-commerce Platform’

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  On 11th September 2018, the largest global media group in the electronic area ---- ASPENCORE ---- successfully held Global Distribution and Supply Chain Leaders Summit in Shenzhen. This summit is a yearly union of the distributors, manufacturers and end factories. It attracts hundreds of professionals to participate and thousands of audiences to watch online. Mr. Xia Lei, CEO of ICZOOM, gave a speech of “An Innovative Union of E-Commerce and Supply Chain”. In the speech, Mr. Xia shared his experience and perspective about how Long Tail Theory can be applied to the electronic components’ industry to serve for micro, small to medium sized enterprises (MSMEs).

Mr. Xia Lei, CEO of ICZOOM.png

  Mr. Xia Lei, CEO of ICZOOM

  2018 Distributor Awards ceremony was held at night and 51 enterprises were awarded for their outstanding performance in the past year. ICZOOM won ‘2018 Outstanding E-commerce Platform’ because of its superior performance and high quality service.

ICZOOM won ‘2018 Outstanding E-commerce Platform’.png

  ICZOOM won ‘2018 Outstanding E-commerce Platform’

  Mr. Yubo Zhang, General Manager of ASPENCORE, gave an opening speech in the beginning of the ceremony: “Distributor is an indispensable link in the electronic components industry. It plays a critical gear-like role for the operation of manufacturers and end factories. Electronics Supply and Manufacturing-China (ESMC) has been rewarding outstanding distributors and holding summits since 2001 to recognize their distributions in the electronic components industry. The winners are elected by ESMC’S readers and approved by a team of professional analysts. We hope that these will encourage the upstream and downstream to cooperate to achieve common development.”

  The global market of 2018 is profoundly affected by the trade environment. As the Sino-US trade war intensifies, all mega-mergers in the semi-conductor industry slow down while the general mergers continue. It is notable that Alibaba and Jingdong are getting involved in the electronic components’ e-commerce market. At the same time, we witnessed authorized distributers’ integration from time to time. We also saw emerging market opportunities. This year’s summit is centered on how distributers and supply chain enterprise can take these opportunities at a time of change. The topics of the summit cover:

  l The forces that change the future of distributors

  l How digitalization drives the development of enterprises; how platforms contributes to the upgrade of electronic components industry

  l The revolution and re-construction of digital supply chain

  l An Innovative union of -commerce and supply chain

  l IT system: the secret of distributors’ power

  l The development of China’s new energy automotive industry and opportunity of distributors

  l The transfer of IT techniques and the ecosystem of local design

  l The future of AI and IoT

  At the same time, the summit held a meeting with the title called Distributers in the New Ecosystem. Many representatives from the industry shared their views with the audiences about the future of distributors’ development in a new ecosystems.

  List of the most recognizable distributors in 2018

  The following are the winners elected by a team of ASPENCORE’s analysts together with the industry’s purchase personals and management personals. Among them, the “ Top Ten Global Distributors” are elected by global users.

  (The list is organized by alphabetical order)

  Top Ten Best Global Distributors: Advanced MP, Arrow, Avnet, Baite, Excelpoint , Future, Mouser, Serial, WPG Holdings, and WT Microelectronics.

  Top Ten Best Chinese Distributors: Asia Com, Burnon, CEC Port, Fortune Techgroup, Nanjing Sunlord, P&S, Smartcore , Sunray, Techtronics, and Wisewheel.

  Outstanding E-Commerce Platforms: Icore Buy, ICZOOM, One Yac, Right IC, SZLCSC, and Yikuyi.

  Top Five Technical Support Distributors: Advantage Power, Best of Best, Mornsun, Nandian, and Richardson.

  Top Three Sustainable Development Distributors: Hi-hone, Huijiacheng, and NSCN.

  Top Three Star of Growth: Elight, WLX Mall, and Yiyitong.

  Top Three Supply Capability Distributors: Adtech, 360 IC, and Vadas.

  Top Three Supply Chain Service Company: China Brilliant, First Flag, and Xinlikang.

  Outstanding Distributor Service Company of the year: IC Superman, Top Vision, and Zhengnengliang.

  Rewards recommended by analysts

  2018 Outstanding Management: Hongzhi Sha, Director of Nanjing Sunlord Electronics

  2018 Best Distributor of Capital Innovation: Compo Electronics

  2018 Outstanding E-Commerce Distributor of IoT Components: WLX Mall

  2018 Outstanding Distributor of Industry Control Components: PEI-Genesis

  2018 Outstanding Distributor of New Energy Components: Pioneer Electronics

  2018 Outstanding Distributor of Passive Components: Eureka Electronics


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