ICZOOM, the premier exchange for electronic components, is a price-matching platform that brings an innovative fulfillment approach to the traditional supply chain for electronic components.
Focused on high efficiency, open communication, smooth transactions, and transparent data, the ICZOOM model reduces the cost of procuring electronic components. Focused on the Small-Medium-Enterprise segment (SME), ICZOOM’s innovative business model provides reliable, verified sources, a full range of categories/products, real-time pricing, on-time delivery, and comprehensive Supply Chain Management (SCM) services. The ICZOOM platform benefits the industry ecosystem of vendors, distributors, agents and traders, our proprietary price-matching algorithm ensures the right parties are brought together for a transaction. To further support the SME market, ICZOOM provides free cloud-based Enterprise-Resource-Planning (ERP) software through a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) model to assist them with procurement and their supply chains.


Dear Friends,

Welcome to ICZOOM!

ICZOOM is the result of my long career marketing electronics components– a $1 trillion industry ripe for disruption due to the legacy problems and slow pace of innovation to which factories and buyers have become accustomed. These problems include an outdated and expensive supply chain in a market that is known for its high turnover and short product lifecycles of only 18-24 months. This typically results in excess inventory that quickly decreases in value.
ICZOOM aims to solve these legacy problems with a combination of real-time price matching and readily available transaction data to seamlessly connect all market participants and allow customers to pay up to 20% less for components.
ICZOOM is a transparent and user-friendly, open-data platform where market forces determine a fair price for electronic components, thereby reducing both transaction & overhead costs for industry participants. Since the platform launched in 2012, ICZOOM has grown significantly. We serve thousands of customers across China, including over 1,000 suppliers in over 1,000 categories, and aim to be the global solution for electronic components needs. ICZOOM is based in Shenzhen and has offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York.
Our disruptive, innovative platform delivers the following:
Real-time Pricing: real-time auction prices use a matching algorithm that connect the right parties for transactions, along with transparent pricing, inventory, and transaction data, reduced costs and elimination of aging inventory.
Anonymous Trading: all components can be searched by universal part number, allowing for anonymous transactions, anonymous ask-bid, no authorization to buy, and increased turnover of excess inventory.
Order Fulfillment: online and offline services provide customers with fulfillment support for customs declarations, including well-managed warehouses, proprietary and free cloud-based ERP software, logistics, finance and direct delivery to customer facilities.
The ICZOOM team is a group of industry veterans who are dedicated to integrating global resources using data, technology and offline services to bring you a more efficient, cost-effective and convenient trading environment for electronic components.
We sincerely hope you enjoy using our platform as we continue to propel the electronics components industry forward.

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